100th anniversary of SMS


Buss-SMS-Canzler celebrates 100th anniversary
and looks optimistically into the future

Innovative strength is the most important of the many competencies that distinguish our company. This spirit - not to remain stuck in the past, but to progress  and break new grounds continually - allowed us to celebrate this great anniversary in 2019.

At Buss-SMS-Canzler, innovative strength is not an empty formula but part of the working life.

The reason is deeply rooted in our founder and the year of foundation.  In 1919 Germany struggled for its future after a lost World War I and Richard Samesreuther, a 38-year-old war returnee without large financial assets of his own, nevertheless dared to found the Samesreuther & Co. OHG in Butzbach - as we know today with great success!