SMS Remote Assistance: On-site Service under COVID-19



COVID-19 is still active and we have been going through several months of restrictions already to fight the virus. These restrictions are absolutely necessary, but have a serious impact on our on-site activities. Travelling to some countries is nearly impossible.

We see ourselves facing quarantine of up to two weeks or even totally closed borders. However, we all have to live with this situation and have to overcome the resulting problems. Therefore, SMS has been providing remote support services since the beginning of the pandemic. These services offer some benefits and sometimes are the only option to support the clients on site, especially under the travelling restrictions caused by COVID-19.

More and more customers book SMS remote assistance for installation check, commissioning and start-up as well as for trouble shooting. Our experience shows that all these services can be performed very efficiently in close co-operation with our customers. We hope that this helps to keep our clients´ business going. Remote assistance service is part of our customer care program and also available after the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us.

Stay healthy!

Kind regards,

Bernd Genenger

Head of Sales / Marketing